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highway to utopia

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Hi, I'm Angie.
I'm not sure, how you've stumbled over my LJ account, but be welcome.

I'm a person of many interests, that sometimes are pretty contradictorily. I love literature and are a hardcore Anime/Manga fan. I could read libraries and are a die hard long distance runner. You can find me visiting the opera as well as attending some post-rock concert. I can do excessive shopping riots as well as standing knee high in mud tending the garden. I love animals and children and I treasure silence at the same time.

My good traits have the tendency to be my bad ones, too: I'm horribly vain, but I know who and what I am. I finish other people's sentences, but I'm pretty good reading other people's minds without shoving it into their faces. I can be rather lethargic, but there're only one, two things that are able to really rile me up.

I've studied Ancient history (roman and greek) and German language and literature.